Our Highlights.

some of our all-time favorites

Up and UP Highlights

Every conversation is developed to tell a unique story and to create an experience that allows both the speaker and audience to grow. See below for a selection of our favorite moments from the past few years.

Time to Change Corporate America with Rosalind Brewer and Tracee Ellis Ross [Collaboration w/ Kevin Vilkin]

The Case for UBI with Andrew Yang, Michael Tubbs, Annie Lowrey [Collaboration w/ Greg Ferenstein]

A New Awakening with Dolores Huerta, Sonia Sanchez [Curated by Audrey Buchanan, dream hampton]

What Indigenous Societies Teach Us About Psychedelics with Graham Hancock, Carmen Vicente [Collaboration w/ Mike Roberts]

Architects of Culture with Shonda Rhimes, David Adjaye, Thelma Golden [Collaboration w/ Nadia Naciamento]

A Guide to Mission-Driven Business with Hamdi Ulukaya

Inequality in America with Saru Jayaraman, Jane Fonda [Collaboration w/ Kevin Vilken]

The Urban-Rural Divide with Gov Inslee, Gov Hickenlooper, Baraunde Thurston [Collaboration w/ Kevin Vilkin]

The Free Solo Formula with Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi [Collaboration w/ Mike Roberts]

Is Sugar The New Tobacco? Mark Hyman & Laurie David [Collaboration w/ Ellen Gustafson]

Equity in the Outdoors with James Edward Mills, Dr. Carolyn Finney, Jose Gonzalez [Collaboration w/ Audrey Buchanan]

Art isn’t funny, it's hilarious: Miranda July and Jeffrey Deitch [Collaboration w/ Nadia Naciamento, Michael Hebb]

Living Room Radical | Norman Leer, Baratunde Thurston [collaboration w/ Mike Roberts]

Living Room Radical | Norman Leer, Baratunde Thurston [collaboration w/ Mike Roberts]

Reimagine the American Dream with Howard Schultz, M. Sanjayan [Collaboration w/ Kevin Vilkin]

Theater of the Oppressed | Phillip Agnew, Aja Monet, Patrisse Cullors [collaboration w/ Audrey Buchanan, dream hampton, Mike de la Rocha]

#MeToo and The Work Ahead | Tarana Burke, Matt McGorry [Collaboration w/ dream hampton]

Expanding Empathy to Build a New Justice System with DA George Gascon, Ceasar McDowell & Megan Rapinoe [Collaboration w/ Mike de la Rocha, Emma Cappiello]

Culture-Shifting: End to Mass Incarceration with Piper Kerman, Gina Belafonte, dream hampton, Mike de la Rocha [Collaboration w/ Audrey Buchanan, dream hampton, Mike de la Rocha]

Hanging Out: Talk and Climb with Elite Climber, Kevin Jorgeson [ Collaboration w/ Mike Roberts]

A New Hope w Al Gore, Jaden Smith [Collaboration w Kevin Vilkin, Michal Mazzara, Mike Roberts]

Reaching 20 Million Users with Rising Media Titan and Blavity CEO Morgan DeBaun

How to Citizen Live Podcast | Patrisse Cullors, Joshua Wong, Baratunde Thurston [Collaboration w/ Ethan Lipsitz]

Engineering Organs with Martine Rothblatt, Dean Kamen, Marc Hodosh

Equity and Equality | Amanda Nguyen and Arlan Hamilton

Thriller: 70 Years of Quincy Jones, interviewed by Ben Fong Torres

Intersectional Feminism | America Ferrera, Janaya Khan, Audrey Buchanan

The Long Path to Freedom with President Santos, Wade Davis

Masters of Scale Live Podcast at Summit LA with Reid Hoffman, Robert Smith [Collaboration e/ WaitWhat]

Skateboard Design Workshop | Douglas Miles (Apache Skate Boards) [Curated by: Audrey Buchanan]

" I've seen this team pull off amazing things. As a speaker, i always received clear communication and PREPARATION materials. Their attention to detail is impeccable. "

- David Greene  |  Host of NPR's Morning Edition