About Us.

Program Design matters.

Shared learning spaces hold the power to define who we are and how we move through the world. What takes place in any room or gathering can be transformative.

So, What do we do?

Our flexible approach to experience design is tailored to each unique event and rooted in a strategic approach to community growth and learning. We believe memorable experiences that activate the senses through music, art, flavor and thought-provoking conversations will lead to rich and lasting engagement.

Why do we do it?

Ultimately, we know that a beautiful, more equitable world is possible. We believe in the power, dignity and story of each person and that the right environment allows us to stretch beyond ourselves to learn from one another in new ways. With each experience we design we are given the opportunity to create a space for transformation and deep connection.

Who are we?

Created by Cat Levin, Cari Levison & Shira Abramowitz, Up & Up Creative is a full-service booking & creative agency specializing in custom programming and social impact campaigns for venues, brands, and festivals.

We partner with your team to develop and implement your event vision from ideation to production. With your mission and brand front and center, we design for experiential excellence and community engagement.

“ Cat, Cari, and Shira demonstrate tremendous care and the capacity to hold space for group learning on nuanced topics. From creative visioning and brainstorming to production and execution, they’re wonderful to work with. ”

- Dream Hampton  |  Award-Winning Filmmaker & Writer